Tofino K&E

When we were children, we drew maps of an idyllic isle where the lakes
are crystal clear, the roads are smooth, and the wildflowers are always in bloom.
A place where we don’t have to stop ourselves from falling in love with every small thing.
People call it by many names. We called it Salastia.

This is where we share some of the things we most need to find. The things that inspire us
and the things we make with our hands that light up the vast and infinitesimal space between us.
This is our un-discovery map to the place we already are. Welcome.

“Remember: our faces in proximity make
a pure small space — a vessel or goblet
that could hold the whole Atlantic…”
~Mary Karr, Summons

Silva Rerum is where we share things we find that inspire us, words, images, art. Sometimes of our own making, mostly not.
The Tiny Magic Everyday Project is a little project of the little things we make everyday. You can read the story and join in.
xo, k & e

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