by Emma

This is where there is a straightening. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what we deserve, but it is about what is deserved from us. The rest of it will happen. We are a series of accidents, strings of white lights, the fistfuls of sounds that have been waiting to crack our town open and make it come alive. Darling, it doesn’t matter if we’re there yet. We’ve been looking at our own shapes for a very long time and waiting for something to mold us into something better. Well maybe it doesn’t work that way. Let’s throw a rock into the ocean, shout something unexpected and honest, paint over one shitty memory at a time. It doesn’t mean forgetting, it means that we’re ready to be all right, for the first time in our lives. It’s okay to be scared. Everyone is scared of something. Look at our spines, look at what we’ve done with the bruises. We have everything that we need.

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