our dreams and deja vus… (yes, we already knew..)

by Emma

when your mind and body are exhausted from the day, they lose consciousness in order to rest and repair themselves. conscious dreaming has the potential to occur when your mind and body do not need to become unconscious at night.
conscious dreaming cannot occur if you think too much. thinking, which includes reading and talking, moves energy to the back of the brain. your upper back, neck and shoulder and jaw get really tight.
conscious dreaming involves the front part of the brain, your 3rd eye. when your mind stays calm during the day, you can recapitulate, lie down, and feel the energy move naturally to the front of your brain. you can watch yourself fall asleep while maintaining your consciousness. your light body becomes aware of itself. you will feel more alive here than you’ve ever felt in your waking life.

when you sigh, it is your physical body releasing its hold your light body. (as above, this is when your energy stuck in back part of brain in thinking doing etc) (my note: back of brain = reptilian brain, controls fear responses, fight and flight..) Sighing is “sah”-ing. In the Egyptian Pyramid Texts, the word “sah” is used to actualize hidden powers.

Our physical bodies and light bodies are supposed to work together as partners, but they have been alienated from each other. the only time they still have any success in communicating with each other is in our dreams. So often we wake up, remembering only bits and pieces, but having this feeling in our bones that we’re missing the best parts of our dreams and our lives. The light body and the physical body need to merge, to meld into one solid unit – never splintered, never differentiated, never apart. Then your dreams become conscious.
And when you’re awake, you’re able to see beyond the veil that separates the worlds.
That is why it is crucial to love both your physical body and your light body. It is imperative that you care for both. It is tantamount that you understand and embrace both.
We are living in a physical world. So intuiting an energetic Truth is only half the battle. Making that Truth live in the physical world is its fulfillment.
The presence of your light body’s awareness within your daily consciousness enables you to be aware of your own existence as you create it. A deja vu is one result of this merging.

– from a book by a mr. matt guest

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