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June 30, 2009

by Emma

Eccentricity Revolution for
Wild Women Manifesto:

1. We will crash through the doors
of our cages & fly free!

2. We will never again not wear
something because it’s “too much.”

3. We will never again be quiet
when we want to be loud,
loud when we want to be quiet.

4. We will DANCE!

5. We will SING!
& speak truth-in-love
even if it makes us nervous.

6. We will love our bodies!
(They are the conduits for our unique lives.)
We will never again judge
with numbers!

7. We will write & paint &
sculpt & make things
like there is no tomorrow!
(Because there may not be one.)

8. We will cease to numb,
or apologize
for our Unique Selves.

9. We will always be
aware that we
Walk in the Sky.
(Thank you, Ravi Singh.)

10. We will affirm the life-giving &
loving energy of the Universe;
We will not participate in
the Culture of Fear & Violence.

11. We will consider the sacred currency
of our life energy as the precious
commodity it is, & only choose
to spend it in line with our own
personal values & priorities.

12. We will be All the Color
& Warmth of the Sun
for Ourselves & Each Other.

13. We will be the
Sound of Laughter.

14. We will be Soft & Persistent
as Rain, making Grand Canyons
of Creative Expression with
our Patience & Fortitude.

June 30, 2009

by Emma

Always check your inner state

with the lord of your heart.

Copper does not know it’s copper,
until it’s changing into gold.

Your loving does not know its majesty,
until it knows its helplessness.
– Rumi

June 30, 2009

by Emma

So you alone are blessed, you free-thinking man,
In a world where life sprouts in everything?
You seize the liberty to dispose of the forces you hold,
But in all your plans a sense of the universe is lacking.

Honor in each creature the spirit which moves it:
Each flower is a soul moved by Nature’s face;
In each metal resides some of love’s mystery;
“All things feel!” And all you are is powerful.

Beware, even the blind walls may spy on you:
Even matter is vested with the power of voice…
Do not make it serve an impious purpose.

Often in the most obscure beings resides yet the hidden God;
And like the infant’s eye covered by its lid,
The pure spirit forces its kernel though the husk of stones.

–Gérard de Nerval, Vers dorés (1845) in Œuvres complètes, vol. 1, p. 739 (J. Guillaume & C. Pichois eds. 1989)(S.H. transl.)