a poem

by Emma

wHen We are ToGETher, LoVe*

and I will scrub your head

and You will wash my WHOLe body

and we WILL liCk eaCHother’s kissy~cheeKs

we WiLL

and I wiLL see flowers that have aLready fallen

and think of You

the hEAviness=droopY with STunningness

i will BREAthe you IN like an aRoma~lilt

a succulent seedLing, ONly for meeee

i WiLL

and You will write wordz abOUT Me

that prickle my chest with tears

from how DeeP they are

from the CleAR Lens u sEE me in

You can hOLD me, and

U wiLL

i will CREAte tHE mosT hEART~HeAting fOOd

from~the~Cells~of~my~UterUS food

my aPRon smeAred with fIERCE smudges

you will moANache, full~mOON reel when you taSTe it

just IN Being, WE FiLL eachOTHer


I cTREAte aNgelDOLLS for U

crYStals shoved in their solar plexus, their groin, their knee

fEAthers splashing OUT from their arms

motherOF~PearL buttons seWn in Perfekt spotS

you Carry them pinned on the INside of your coat

with YOU aLWAYs, you say, and


we Do All this and More

we DO. and

WE Will….

~ delia woods


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