by Emma

In Southeast Asian mythology, the Nagas are serpents considered to be rain givers and guardians of the water and of the riches of the deep. They carry a precious jewel in their foreheads.
The daughter of the Nagas is Naga Kanya, whose upper body is human and lower body that of a snake. She is the Goddess of the Three Realms and pours her blessings of water on these worlds. She brings the Ultimate Treasure, represented by the diamond-pattern on the back of a cobra’s hood and by the jewel embedded in Kanya’s forehead. Naga Kanya is protector of the Law of Dharma. She is a gate-keepter, protecting thresholds and temple doors; she guards underwater treasure and spiritual knowledge. She is often presented holding a conch shell, representing the sound current which carries forth her water blessings.


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