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April 20, 2010

by Emma

27. There was another person with whom I had been on close terms. We used to discuss the gloomy and delightful and bitter things of the world. The she went down to Chikuzen. One bright moonlit night after she had left, I lay thinking fondly about a similar evening when I had met this friend in the Princess’s Palace and stayed up with her, gazing at the moon and not getting a wink of sleep all night. I dozed off and dreamt that we had met in the same palace and talked to each other just as we used to do in reality. When I awoke, the moon hung near the western ridge of the hills. Realizing that it had been a dream, I lay there sunk in deep reflection and wished I had never woken up. I composed this poem,
I saw her in my dream,
And now my bed is all afloat with tears.
Tell her how much I yearn for her,
Oh moon, as now you glide towards the West!
As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams: Recollections of a Woman in Eleventh-Century Japan, Lady Sarashina.
Lady Sarashia was born in A.D. 1008 in Japan. Her real name is unknown. As I Crossed a Bridge of Dreams was probaby written a year after her husband’s death when she was fifty years old, and recounts her life and travels, her family life and the wonders and sorrows she finds in the world