Dear you, Dear me,

by Katyslany

Losing my Religion to living instead,

stopping to breath a little bit in between, to miss you, to look at my hands and wonder where yours are now.

We are connected anyway, even though not physically.

Our sameness transcends the physical reality that creates walls.

These days forgetting to do art, forgetting to do everything.

Learning that it’s okay to not get work done sometimes and instead finding miracles everywhere.

Fireworks exploding over the ocean last night, lighting faces, lighting hearts.

My attention is turned out, knowing I’m not alone. Ever.

Finding connectedness, we are just humans, we are just spirits here for a while visiting, and the place we live is our bodies. The bodies we use to cry in, hug in, love in, dance in, breath in, sweat in…

And again. Going back to wonder where yours is.

How the sun falls on your face and how your feet feel on the earth. Today, yesterday, everyday.

Loving every bit.

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