by Emma

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The show was a gorgeous success. A whirlwind of moving ladders and stringing wire on pick-points and drinking coconut water and taping garbage bags on windows, elation and anxious stomachs and re-remembering to let what’s mine be mine. I got given an entire room (wheeow!) so I had two and a half days to make my little world explode into a whirling cosmos of stars and galaxies, meteorites and space dust, of atoms and molecules. and to illuminate all the space in between.

And somehow I did it!
Lots of people came and to my joyous surprise they seemed to really get it. One woman sat on the floor, legs splayed, eyes wide with wonder, head tilted upwards, “I could stay in here all night.”
It felt good in there, some real presence came through, scintillating and peaceful, indigo.
The photos are shit – in real it was waaay darker in there so the room dissapeared and it was only shards of light…

Light becoming substance, form melting into shadow, inside and outside unifying into ahhhh

mmhm. maybe next time you’ll be here. I hope so. xxo

easy, love.

One Comment to “Molecules”

  1. gini genius- i wish i was there to lay on my back and look at your constellations….so much love.

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