Are you glowing?

by Katyslany

Things that are making me glow:

watching friends getting better/stronger, starting a new journal, finishing my sketchbook, growing and taking everyone I love along, receiving instead of giving, fireworks that give me heart explosions and the primal oohs and aahs, getting more dawts everyday,hip hop on SYTYCD , unexpected art dates, Shane Koyczan, boxes of fresh vegetables that I don’t recognize or know what to do with, reading Brave on the Rocks and Anais Nin,getting hugs from people in my building, being nocturnal/nighttime romps, grocery  shopping , the moon so bright!, cooking for people I love, photo-booth pictures,Pride rainbows everywhere(!!),Reggae,massages, mozzarella,  painting with acrylic ink on fabric, new furniture, making friends with skunks in the middle of the night, feeling my body, finally getting Sex and Lucia, eating peas from their pods, different views of the same city, chocolate covered espresso beans, loosening, letting go…

And how do you glow?

2 Comments to “Are you glowing?”

  1. 1. sex and lucia is about to arrive in the mail me too
    2. i saw the pride parade in nyc – wow
    3. YES! THE MOON

  2. sex and Lucia JUST arrived in the mail (clickclickcatchmatch!)

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