by Emma

thank you for your inspiration, my magic slink

getting up before dawn to watch the palm trees lean into each other silhouetted against the rising sun, eating pink raspberry oatmeal on the pink couch with rosy pink cheeks laughing, deep medicine rising from within, giving massages, bearing my throat, making birthday paintings that unfold into more than i had imagined, wabi-sabi shoes, kittens purring against my organs, morning walks on the venice boardwalk in oversized sunglasses and floppy clothes, ‘love potion’ essential oil blend, getting my hands back into clay!, making drinking vessels, cooking for loves, wrestling in pajamas with the doggy, laying on my back on the wooden floor and falling deeper into Earth, kissing at stop lights and not at stop lights, wiggling my toes in ever-refined articulation, baby sharks wiggle amazingly, books: 5 names of beauty; the spell of the sensuous, late night conversations that end somewhere completely different from where they began, dreams blending into reality blending into relationship, waking up giggling, deepening breath, honesty, free electricity, Bridget’s smile, playing in the parc, watch my cat and dog quietly becoming friends, thriving plants on my balcony they’re just So green!, the way he says “..what i’m trying to say is i really dig you”, digging you, Jupiter rising, guayruru beads, the ocean always the ocean

3 Comments to “glowing…”

  1. and glowing because it’s okay to be voluptuous.
    just like it’s okay to be goofy, it’s okay to be wild, it’s okay to be vulgar, it’s okay to be outspoken, it’s okay to be immature sometimes, it’s okay to be emotional, it’s okay to be extremely passionate, it’s okay to be innocent, it’s okay to be ticklish, it’s okay to miss opportunities, it’s okay to be rude, it’s okay to sleep in or get up early or whatever, it’s okay to be happy, it’s okay to be loved entirely. ENTIRELY.
    no more being smaller than real.

    no more giving all our power away to ideals or ideas

  2. digging you digging you always digging you.

  3. i love you lawt of a lawt

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