Spilling Open

by Katyslany

Let us untame ourselves.
Let us pull the pin of these things that bind us.
We don’t need to be tame.
We need to let our hair tangle, we need to let ourselves get a little messy (or a lot messy).
Venturing out into our brave unknown.
We leave behind trails of childhood, memories, first blood- dusty tales of what we would become, should become.
Now we are grown.
Not girls.
The word feels heavy in my mouth, like a gemstone under my tongue.
Let us hold hands through our fears, braving what is too big for us alone.
We need this.
We need circles of warm hands to hold, with creases that tell our histories, we need eyes wide open to understand our own; we need to light our internal flame.
We need our bodies, strong muscle and sinew, feet solid on the ground.
We need our too big hearts and our dreams that won’t even fit into our bodies anymore,
Dreams so big they push at the edges of the sky, scattering stars.
Let us hold our gaze steady, our eyes bright for beauty, not afraid to be seen, not afraid to see.
Let us listen to the songs of our mothers, The Mother, our earth.
Can we unite to break this, can we harness the lost strength of years?
Can we forget our pain to remember strength?
The answer is in the telling of our next story.
The story woven from our bodies, from our circles, from our art and words.
The story of our transformation.

3 Comments to “Spilling Open”

  1. did you weave this o glorious wormie?

  2. sheeeeeeeeeet hawt dawg. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxox you are my slaniest stupor.

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