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April 28, 2011


by Katyslany

It is time for a little glow, this is why:

olive oil, gettin sweaty, wearing your socks, spring rain- earth-coming-alive smell, hunting for the perfect ankle boots, double rainbows! (dooble ronbow), spooning,reading old journals/writing new ones,cleaning out my closet, listening to Hanson,dreaming of sailing, blossoms falling that look like snow, late late night walks on the beach,Hugnation, rediscovering old shoes, being asked to help/learning to ask for help,the horizon, CBC, teeny birds outside my window, sparkles on my shoes and everyone I touch, rearranging furniture, breathing, phone calls, new body wash, movies!,yyyyoga, watching friends perform, time, having my dishes done for me, Cyndi Lauper, monitoring my sternum, presents from Turkey, You.