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September 6, 2011

Interviews with children from Dumbo Feather

by Emma


Phoebe: You okay back there? (while driving)

Zoe: I’m using my imagination to dream.

P: Oh. Okay – hey, what are you dreaming about?

Z: I’m loving my friend Tori’s smile. The Tori that has the mum that’s name is Michelle. That Tori.

P: Oh, that’s sweet.

Z: Yeah. I’m dreaming about that.

P: Do you have your eyes open or closed when you dream?

Z: It doesn’t matter because you don’t use your eyes to dream. You use your imaginator.

P: And whereabouts is your imaginator?

Z: In your imagination where it works.

P: How do you know it’s working?

Z: When it’s on.