on kindness

by Emma

“so it is not that real kindness requires people to be selfless, it is rather that real kindness changes people in the doing of it, often in unpredictable ways. real kindness is an exchange with essentially unpredictable consequences. it is a risk precisely because it mingles our needs and desires with the needs and desires of others, in a way that so-called self-interest never can. (the notion of self-interest implies that we always know what we want, by knowing what the self is and what its interests are. it forecloses discovery.) kindness is a way of knowing people beyond our understanding of them.

—adam phillips and barbara taylor, on kindness

One Comment to “on kindness”

  1. Much appreciated! My wife once ordered 500 custom pens with the inscription, “Kindness isn’t as difficult as it seems”, then gave them out to acquaintences, etc. (She says that if she did it now, she’d shorten it to, “Kindness is easy”.

    Either way…we’re totally on-board with the kindness advocacy, and I thank you for helping spread the meme!

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