We need these in our house

by Katyslany


3 Comments to “We need these in our house”

  1. i keep seeing an apartment i looked at in montreal for us, sunny with 50’s color walls minty green kitchen and pink peachy living room and a big kitchen perfect for waltzing…. our house… and a light turquoise bedroom for sharing. it’s so strange the almostness of it all….
    Andiggy was our house remember how we rearranged the furniture so our beds could be one bed because we couldn’t sleep not touching and we made Tim the Habah Shahk help us get it though the doors and everything was so YELLOW!
    and also how I/we? fell into the bathtub while brushing teeth and probably drunk.
    and something about the sailboat painting, do you remember?

  2. Everything was so yellow.
    And so illuminated. The moment of walking into the creek in the dark.
    Our apartment can be like this, and ethereal landing pad for dreamers and gypsies alike.
    A Love Landing.
    (with chocolate raspberry stevia!yumming)

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