low commitment art projects

by Emma

oysterville wallpaper patterns in beachy things


“One project each and every Monday morning of 2012.  Alternating brittany-tae-brittany-tae.

During art school, our studios were connected by an open doorway.  We started as strangers, but for the first (and only) assignment of the two-year program, our instructor paired us together.  So began a back-and-forth of materials, ideas, and foods.

Since school, we’ve both returned to our home states.  Hawaii and Oregon aren’t exactly connected by a teletransporter, so it is hard to keep up the co-generation of ideas.  That’s where Low-Commitment Projects comes in.

Low-Commitment Projects provides us a chance to share concepts and schemes without a huge outlay of time, energy, or money.  These ventures are like the materialization of mental sketches; there’s minimal risk because they’re quick.”



One Comment to “low commitment art projects”

  1. I read this a few weeks ago and was going to post. Thank you for your inspiration my magic slink.

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