Ohno Says

by Katyslany

Today we learn how to stand walk run twist.

The body doesn’t exist until we create it. What will we create with our bodies?

Before we begin everyone rolls around on the floor stretchy stretchy, purple crushed velvet, bare toes and piled hair.

Then we pray with a rose listening to operatic Amazing Grace.

I think of you and have tears.

He says, You have everything you need in your body, always remember within you there is life and death, dance like you are dead, dance like you are in the womb. In between both you are alive.

He says learn emptiness. Without Emptiness we can never be peaceful.

We learn how to make friends with our space, to use it as a canvas,  when you look at space it will be happy to be seen as something beautiful.

A dancer’s job is to make space beautiful.

Butoh dancer’s have eyes everywhere, but the most important is on their back.

Create your own back expression, create your own attractive back.

We move through the space, making friends with the space, move slowly , move with intention, and emotion.

He gives us tiny candies and raw silk.

My body is happy, it stretches and opens and I stand on one leg stretched out like a bird thing. I listen to my bones and my organs. And I am happy. Happy and so inspired.

One Comment to “Ohno Says”

  1. THANK YOU for thiss. Soo Good. and so close to home and the things i do. eyes on the back, making friends with space, learning emptiness yes, just like this in this way, every day in my dojo.

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