“I do not dance in the place, I dance the place”

by Emma


「Needless to say, I hope everyone understands that underlying this workshop is my fundamental feeling that “my workshop is by no means intended to teach Butoh; I’d rather like to smash down the tendency to believe as though there exists a genre of dance called Butoh.”」
Moment by moment our body generates ‘the past,’ while it continues embracing dreams (NOT objectives), and it dares to be aware infinitely of the present moment.
To recognize the environment outside the body, by contrasting it with the truth prevailing within the body—this is a fairly animal-like and primitive method still used by animals other than human beings.
When one says “I”, which part of her/his body is accompanying “I”? We often say ‘my face’, ‘my hand’, or ‘my something’, as if trying to reconfirm ownership and belonging. The truth is, any and every part of the body is a part of ‘me’.
I am living in search of where lies ‘dance that would not use the body as a tool.” Why don’t you join me and think about this!
-Min Tanaka

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