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June 5, 2012

Primordial Romance Manifesto

by Katyslany

I couldn’t even flinch my finch,

We have so many years of missing of nostalgia of the mono no.

The wabi sabi tree waiting for us to grow it and grow our books and volumes.

We are writing.

The manifesto of Primordial Romance.

We will grip our hearts to give them wings my dove

We will see into our minds and our teeth will chatter until they sing the songs of paper heart birds.

We will wet the hearts of every sweet honeysuckle.

We will build our bones to the sky, reaching and hunting for our transcendent home

We will find home in the recklessness of our hand in hand

We will look in the window of eachother’s faces and take our lives to make more.

We will birth ourselves back into light

We will eat the poison of holy plants and grow back our roots

We will count the stars and the cycles of the moon and at every one we will hold hands, look up and sigh, facing one direction together, the desert , the riverbed the mountain.

We will pour our beauty everywhere

We will have good ears, and be good listeners

We will let our feet shift beneath us, non attachment to place and space

We will get slick and messy with pain (t)

We will paint eachother. as much as possible, bird wings licked onto skin, seahorses and wind chimes.

We will take eachother to the ocean when we are sad.

We will not stop.

We will end

We will begin.

Wake up in the morning hearts clutched hands woven.

June 5, 2012

The real deal

by Katyslany

June 5, 2012

Found lists

by Katyslany

I just found this fitting list amongst my million word documents- YES!

A-Z Idea Checklist – Feel free to use all or none of these ideas:

a) interpretive dance (i hope some of you go this direction)
b) costumes (elaborate or subtle)
c) sunrise, sunset
d) face paint
e) an open field (corn or otherwise)
f) kites
g) find all the instruments and perform the song correctly
h) fake everything
i) cinéma vérité (move the camera! go wild!)
j) build elaborate sets (or film it all under a blanket on your bed)
k) robots
l) literal or magical
m) perform on a rooftop (a building not a car… well its up to you)
n) paper mache
o) temporary tattoos
p) animals
q) cardboard and duct tape
r) mirrors
s) sunglasses
t) in the mall food court
u) underwater?
v) beautiful people or ugly people
w) smoke machine
x) flashlights
y) lens flares
z) mustaches


June 5, 2012

legs as wings

by Katyslany

legs as wings