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June 26, 2012

Wild angel mirage on every horizon

by Katyslany


the milk of our magic and no more hiding.

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June 26, 2012

My love, we have found each other thirsty and we have drunk up all the water and the blood, we found each other hungry and we bit each other as fire bites

by Emma

June 26, 2012

you are drugs.

by Emma
June 26, 2012

a next time i love u list

by Emma

faerie porn
forest continuum
glitter bomb bath
pink cigarillos photos
the photoshoot  salastia list (take a pic and put it here?)

Coloured Smoke bombz

and a this time away from you i love list:
movies (what music?)
scan letters and dlawings

excavation of letters past
salastia edit manuscript
photo edit
some sort of back anf forth sending project
can you complete the missions / S&T assignments / low-commitment projects
flash animation and video shitz