Tiny Magic Everyday:6

by Katyslany


Writing love letters on tracing paper your ephemeral song kisses every limb until I stretch into my wild body instrument thing.

Your hair grows branches until it is weaving under the currents of your endlessness.

We are singing lullabies to eachother’s voices. You unwind your clock and I hang up my keys. Let this be sung, let this be heard.

Our anchors are floating towards the cloud like that holy hot air balloon we went on somewhere over a faerie landscape, a desert of our dreams and favoulite thoughts. Holding hands is like singing and.its also like dancing with you my muse. Sleeping is like holy hibernation and our paws are curled in to eachother like a little sausage on a scooter we rode under a moon so full it sank with its own heaviness.

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