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May 13, 2012

“Eyes are like those of bird or like those of wind”

by Emma

Takanori Aiba


All my works are created trough my extraordinary fantastic and sometimes even chemical imaginations. However, they do not like pipe dreams. In fact people believe that they are real buildings and spaces because I depict not only the outline but also all of elaborate details in each works. I create image of the side, back, and even the inside of the buildings. My eyes circle around, and sometimes intentionally wander between buildings in the space. Eyes are like those of bird or like those of wind. My source of creations are my early experience of bonsai making and maze illustration. These works make use of an aerial perspective, which like the diagram for a maze shows the whole from above(the macro View) while including minute details (the micro view). If you explore any small part of my works, you find amazing stories and some unique characters.The early bonsai-type models look like bonsai art. Bonsai reflects the Japanese traditional aesthetic sense of expressing the magnificence of nature in a small potted plant. However, the density of decoration and the rich stories of my works contain extraordinary times and spaces which differ from the bonsai world determined by plants physiology.