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April 8, 2012

Firefly Squid

by Emma



The glowing firefly squid are pushed to the shore’s edge by the current while spawning in the bay of Toyama, Japan… “The spawning season of the firefly squid runs from March to May. During this time, the squid can be seen gathering in large numbers in Toyama Bay in Japan. They gather here by the millions, and sometimes by the billions, to lay their eggs. Once the eggs have been released into the water and fertilized, the adult squid begin to die. This completes the one-year life cycle of the squid. This annual light show is so spectacular that the area where they gather has been designated as a special natural monument. Toyama Bay lies above a deep, v-shaped canyon in which the sea floor drops away suddenly. The flow of the ocean currents usually wells up from the bottom of this canyon and pushes the squid to the surface. Occasionally the squid can be found washed up on the shore in large numbers during a phenomenon referred to by locals as ‘squid drowning themselves’. This event can cover the shoreline for miles, bathing the beaches in an erie blue glow.”  firefly-squids-in-toyama-bay-japan